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David Denmark

executive director, The Maclellan Foundation, Inc.

Rick has the key to unlock a new level of communicating biblical ideals, and he provides thesolid tools to make it a leadership lifestyle.

Roger Parrott

president, Belhaven University

Foreword by David Denmark Acknowledgments Introduction

Part One: Storycentric Learning

1. The Power of Story 2. Literacy and Story 3. Story as A Guide To

Part Two: Leadership Development 4. In Search of Leadership 5. The Scope of Leadership Development 6. The Process of Leadership Development Part Three: Christ-Centered Leadership 7. Leadership Matters 8. Leadership Reformation 9. Leading with A Long View 10. Leading with Virtue 11. Leading Others toward Their Potential 12. Christ-Centered Leadership Applied

Part Four: The Garden Project 13. The Garden Project: Our Journey Conclusion Endnotes References Index

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Dynamics and Trends, 1988–2013

by: Steve Sang-Cheol Moon (Author)

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This book provides the most thorough, penetrating analysis of trends in Korean missions to date. Seasoned researcher Steve Sang-Cheol Moon maps the relatively recent rise and explosive growth of the Korean missionary movement, studying the mission force and significant themes in its experience over a twenty-five-year period. These articles and papers supply data on every facet: mission fields and ministry foci; finances; age, marriage, family, and general demographics; training and credentials; burnout and attrition; education of missionary children; leadership trends; and global partnership.

These chapters do not merely catalogue statistics—they probe beneath the surface to ask hard questions and set priorities for Korean missions. Moon explores painful subjects such as the 2007 hostage incident involving short-term workers in Afghanistan, and chronic concerns like workaholism and missionaries’ retirement. Ultimately, however, he finds much to commend and celebrate, tracing God’s providence in making Korea, within the span of a few decades, a dynamic leader in global missions.

This volume is probably the best portrait available of what God has done through a young church, a church that itself was emerging from a series of national calamities. . . . It has been my joy to see the way Steve Moon has operated as a researcher during the past twenty-five years. . . . His work is based on hard data and is planted on solid ground.

David Tai Woong Lee

Director, Global Leadership Focus, Seoul, Korea

Packed with statistics and numbers and percentages, trends and longitudinal studies and case studies, Moon’s research boldly and creatively mines the Korean church and mission movement, driving shafts deep into its golden missiological heart. . . . This book is perhaps the most serious analysis of any national mission movement, providing a template for other nations, both Global North and South.

We’ve mapped it all out for you here! Read the Guide

Whether you’re joining up with an existing event (like a marathon) or wanting to do something on your own (riding your bike every day) your first step is to create your Personal Fundraising Page.

Make phone calls, send emails, use social media — whatever you need to do to spread the word. Send friends and family to your Personal Fundraising Page and it’ll be easy for them to see what you’re doing and how to donate.

With every step you’ll be contributing towards the protection and restoration of children. And encourage others to join you! It’s never too late to start fighting injustice.

Treading as a group? Once you’ve created your Personal Fundraising Page, you’ll see a button on the right sidebar that says “Create Team”. Get your team started, have friends create their own Personal Fundraising Pages, and then send them the link to your team. They’ll be able to easily join and now all your fundraising will be totalled together.


Still not convinced Tread on Trafficking is a whole lot of fun?

Take Madison’s word for it…

You heard her, go ahead get out there



The Radical Kindness of “Mr.

The documentary “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” has appeared in the midst of a resurgence of interest in Mr. Rogers, fueled by a growing hunger for kindness in a world that has become increasingly angry and cynical. If you know anything about Mr. Rogers, you know his main theme was about the neighborhood — and about who the neighbor is. It’s a value that the children in our care remind us of on a regular basis.

A Day in the Life

No time for breakfast. Meet a new youth coming into our care. Go over safety planning. On to next appointment. Grab a salad. Meet with another youth who was the victim of a traumatic assault. Try not to cry. Remind myself that with the right support we know they can have wonderful lives.

We Type Them Up: A

“My father, now 89 years old with Alzheimer’s Disease, can’t recall my name.But my memories of him from my early years are more vivid today than ever—including what he taught me by example about being a father, and how I see a similar approach in how Love146 cares for children.”

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Are you or someone you know in need of urgent help? Call the US National Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-3737-888

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(Note: The piece that was used for the ski segment in The Edge and Beyond later became "Chamonix-Mont-Blanc," the third track on LANDSCAPES.) Growing tired of the traffic and sometimes less-than-ethical practices of Tinsel Town, Biehl returned to the St. Louis area and went to work as an engineer at a local recording studio. During off hours, he started taking his ideas and putting together the sounds that would become LANDSCAPES. Biehl describes his new CD as "a hybrid of new age, jazz and world music. "The world music aspect, in particular, plays well into the travel theme of LANDSCAPES. "I like to draw in as much of the original musical forms of a particular region as possible, soak that in and then develop my own interpretation of it," he says. "I'm not going to try and attempt to reproduce music made by people who live in these areas. I'm taking what a Midwestern artist interprets through his mind by absorbing the music, culture and geography of an area, and using the imagination as much as possible to create an image of a visit to that place."

Biehl elaborates on the process: "What I try to do is somehow capture the emotion of being there and what it feels like. The times I'm able to compose pieces that give me that feeling, it's usually coming out so quickly that I have to work fast to get it all down and recorded. That's how my writing is: bursts of emotional energy and feeling, capturing a certain thought. Then comes the tedious process of mapping it out, arranging and orchestrating it." This multi-talented musician is also an avid bicyclist. "In addition to long, pleasurable weekend rides in the farm country of Southwestern Illinois, I also participate in several charity-sponsored cycling events every summer," Biehl says. "Most of the time I ride in the Century category, which is a 100-mile ride that usually takes about six hours to complete." Biehl is a member of several worthy environmental organizations as well. Among them are the National Geographic Society (a scientific and educational organization that supports explorations and research projects), the World Wildlife Fund (dedicated to saving wildlife and habitats around the planet) and the Wilderness Society (devoted to preserving America's forests, parks, rivers, deserts and shorelands).

But it's the music that is Biehl's primary passion, especially when combined with the power of the mind and the imagination. "Imagination is the basis for all creation, and creativity itself is the essential spark of life which gives all of us a grounded sense of purpose, or reason for living," Biehl adds. "By inviting listeners to become travelers to these distant lands, I hope to give them a sense of creative freedom by encouraging their use of the imagination."

When asked to elaborate on that concept, Biehl explains, "I'm sure you've heard the expression 'Music is the soundtrack to our lives.' It's true.

FOOD+WINE: Wine Pairing and Tour
Saturday, September 3, 2016 - 2:00pm to 3:30pm
Jowler Creek Winery
Crush Festival
Saturday, September 3, 2016 - 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Les Bourgeois Winery - A-Frame

Join us at our annual crush festival to kick off harvest season at Les Bourgeois Vineyards! Enjoy live music, kids games, pumpkin painting, and of course GRAPE-STOMPING FUN for the whole family!

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Ron Kohavi and Roger Longbotham

Abstract: Controlled experiments, also called randomized experiments and A/B tests, have had a profound influence on multiple fields, including medicine, agriculture, manufacturing, and advertising. Offline controlled experiments have been well studied and documented since Sir Ronald A. Fisher led the development of statistical experimental design while working at the Rothamsted Agricultural Experimental Station in England in the 1920s. With the growth of the world-wide-web and web services, online controlled experiments are being used frequently, utilizing software capabilities like ramp-up (exposure control) and running experiments on large server farms with millions of users. We share several real examples of unexpected results and lessons learned.

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Ron Kohavi, David Messner,Seth Eliot, Juan Lavista Ferres, Randy Henne, Vignesh Kannappan, and Justin Wang

Abstract: Tracking users’ online clicks and form submits (e.g., searches) is critical for web analytics, controlled experiments, and business intelligence.Most sites use web beacons to track user actions, but waiting for the beacon to return on clicks and submits slows the next action (e.g., showing search results or the destination page).One possibility is to use a short timeout and common wisdom is that the more time given to the tracking mechanism (suspending the user action), the lower the data loss.Research from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft showed that small delays of a few hundreds of milliseconds have dramatic negative impact on revenue and user experience (Kohavi, et al., 2009 p. 173), yet we found that many websites allow long delays in order to collect click.For example, until March 2010, multiple Microsoft sites waited for click beacons to return with a 2-second timeout, introducing a delay of about 400msec on user clicks. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first published empirical study of the subject under a controlled environment. While we confirm the common wisdom about the tradeoff in general, a surprising result is that the tradeoff does not exist for the most common browser family, Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), where no delay suffices. This finding has significant implications for tracking users since no waits is required to prevent data loss for IE browsers and it could significantly improve revenue and user experience.The recommendations here have been implemented by the MSN US home page and Hotmail.

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Ron Kohavi, Roger Longbotham, and Toby Walker

Abstract: From ancient times through the 19th century, physicians used bloodletting to treat acne, cancer, diabetes, jaundice, plague, and hundreds of other diseases and ailments (D. Wooton, Doctors Doing Harm since Hippocrates, Oxford Univ. Press, 2006). It was judged most effective to bleed patients while they were sitting upright or standing erect, and blood was often removed until the patient fainted. On 12 December 1799, 67-year-old President George Washington rode his horse in heavy snowfall to inspect his plantation at Mount Vernon. A day later, he was in respiratory distress and his doctors extracted nearly half of his blood over 10 hours, causing anemia and hypotension; he died that night.

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